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The business was founded by Pascal Fischer, a Canadian citizen with French roots and a unique journey. Working for the 'Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers' (C.N.A.M.) in Paris, in the 1980's he moved to Québec in 1996 and created Optimum Conseil an information technology based enterprise offering specialized software and related software services. The first version of the Gesrisk© application was conceived by Pascal Fischer in 2000. Gesrisk has since become a distinguished portal in the Québec health sytem. Overs the years, this portal has been deployed to tens of thousands of users throughout the Province. It continues to feed the national database of incidents/accidents (SISSS) into 2019. Other portals have also been developed: Gesria for managing informational assets, Geskor is an analytical tool for detailed management of incidents/accidents.

Over the years, our team has forged a solid reputation, combining speed and quality in the analysing and developement of tailor made applications. Above all, it is our down to earth pragmatism and the day to day relationship built with our customers that makes us who we are.

Optimum Conseil customers
Centre Le Cardinal Inc.
Centre Marcelle Ferron
CHU de Québec
CHU de Montréal
CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre
CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest
CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale
CIUSSS de l'Est-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
CIUSSS de l'Estrie-CHU de Sherbrooke
CIUSSS de l'Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
CIUSSS Centre-Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
CRSSS de la Baie-James
Gestion C. Clermont Inc. construc. immobilier
Groupe Champlain
Groupe Vigi Santé Ltée
Hôpital Marie-Clarac
Hôpital Villa-Médica
Institut de zoothérapie du Québec
Manoir St-Patrice
We use Windev-Webdev-Windev mobile 18-23, high-level programming suite, to design custom applications.
We followed the application certification process of the Quebec government. Our Gesrisk© portal is certified since 2009. More than 1 million events were entered into Gesrisk and transmitted to the SISSS national registry of incidents/accidents between 2012 and 2018.
Everyday we work with the network access gateways dedicated to suppliers by the RITM
In 2012 and 2013 we were sponsers of the RACQ
We were R&D partners with the MUHC for Geskor and with the CHUM to interface Streamline Health
Head office Quebec
J0L 1W0 Québec
Place of business Nouveau-Brunswick
Gloucester County, Bertrand
NB E1W 1G1