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Main functions of the Gesrisk portal

Gesrisk is a portal based on the MSSS incident/accident AH-223 report form. It is certified by the Health and Social Services Ministry of Quebec. It fulfils the most recent government guidlines intended for the Health system published by the Health and Social Services Ministry of Quebec. Gesrisk was designed to be easily deployed and enable decentralized data entry of the incidents/accidents linked to health care and social service provisions. It is equipped with several interfaces: Local Patient Index, Master Patient Index, Reponders and allows real-time management of reported events: follow-up indicators, Vigilance Center, automated emails, automatic detection of recurring events, etc.

Until 2019, Gesrisk will feed Quebec's national database of incidents/accidents. Between 2012 and 2018, more than one million events were entered into this portal and transmitted to the SISSS, Quebec's national database.

What happens to Gesrisk in 2019?
Gesrisk will soon be offered as a SaaS: in French (Canada, France), English and Spanish, in order to allow international health and social service institutions to benefit from our expertise that has a proven track record in Canada for the past 10 years. 
To learn more about the upcoming availbility of Gesrisk as a SaaS, please do not hesitate to express your interest.
Report an incident/accident
First of all, it's a question of reporting any event linked to health care and social service provisions and to follow-up with a summary analysis.
Detailed analysis
This step consists of identifying the causes linked to the event and the required prevention measures.
The disclosure to the victim, victims' families and friends, legal guardians, etc. is an essential part of the reporting process. 
Gesrisk Portal Specifics
The Gesrisk Portal being fully configurable is among it's main features. It offers a complete range of follow-up indicators for the ongoing report. It enables automatic alert emailing in case of sentinel events (recurrence or severity). It also has a unique dashboard for risk management within health care and social services. All this designed to decentralized data entry with a Responsive Web Design interface (desktops, tablets, smartphones).
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