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What we can do for you with Visual Basic Editor
Excel is probably the most widely used spreadsheet in businesses, whether large or small.  Unfortunately, most users do not take complete advantage of Excel's powerful capabilities, using less than 10% of this powerful tool. One of the many ways to take advantage of Excel is the Visual Basic editor. In the past years, we have developed an expertise in VBA: automating repetitive and tedious tasks, user interface design, progression bars for complex procedures, automating connexions, personalized indicators, automatic management of dynamic pivot tables, automating filters, to mention only a few examples.
Choose Excel or a SaaS application?
Most negative feedback about Excel come from the users themselves. The saying "we should be able do that with Excel" proves that users are overwhelmed by Excel's possiblities, without knowing, however, in which direction these solutions will take them. Many businesses are struggling with worksheet "factories" and all the disadvantages these entail in terms of usage, operation, maintenance, potential of human error without automation, time spent in cross-checking, etc.

Excel can certainly help you achieve your goals, but is it better to use Excel or a SaaS web-application?? We can help you answer that question. Do not hesitate to contact us...
Microsoft Excel® file adaptation
Create a menu, an interface. Write, adapt, or optimize VBA code.
Develop a custom Microsoft Excel® file
We analyse your needs and make you a free, no-obligation proposal. This type of service can be structured by an annual contract including: customer support, maintenance and software updates.
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