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What is SaaS offered by Optimum Conseil?
They are web-hosted applications that can perform numerous tasks, whether you are a home user or business user. You have a project, but can't find the perfect IT tool that corresponds exactly to your business model.
That's where we can help, thanks to SaaS!
How much is the SaaS offered by Optimum Conseil?
In some cases, all development costs are covered by us!! Once the tool is made available, all you pay is affordable leasing fees (per user/per month). The same principal as leasing most Cloud based services.
The benefits of SaaS offered by Optimum Conseil
No extra equipment fees
No setup of deployment fees
Scalable system
Automatic updates without
Accessible any place any time
Web application developement
We offer turnkey web solutions (analysis, features, responsive web design interface) that meet the requirements of your business model. No in-house deployement. We provide the web-hosting, the maintenance and the evolution of the web application, everything backed up by our customer service via toll-free line or 24/7 email.
Do not hesitate to tell us about your project...
You could be surprised!
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SaaS applications offered by Optimum Conseil
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